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SupaCopyCode element for Breakdance

SUPACOPYCODE is a "copy text to clipboard" button element.

Oct 21st, 2023 : version 1.2.0

- Fixed the issue when using the single quotation mark in the Code Panel
- No need to modify the %% SELECTOR %% string anymore

BEWARE that this version is NOT compatible with the previous version, especially if you use the modified %% SELECTOR %% string.

Sept 1st, 2023 : version 1.1.0

- added Dynamic Data option for the content fields (Code, Button text, Copied text)

March 27, 2023 : version 1.0.0

- first released

So you can easily share sections or whatever text/code you want!

Here is the plugin version (Feel free to use it at your own risk):

The Element

Pretty simple : You select the section you want to share, you press CTRL C to copy it, then you paste it (CTRL V) in the Code field: