animations 4 breakdance

A free collection of fun experiments made with the plugins & Breakdance Builder.
The sections and the animations files are available to copy/paste and download.


You can use the animations wherever you want, modify them, have fun with them, but DO NOT distribute them.

By default, all animations will work on mobile. But they are not necessary optimized for it. You might need to disable them on mobile (easy to do with

Instructions :

Step 1 - Click on the COPY SECTION button to copy the Breakdance section

Step 2 - Click on the DOWNLOAD MP button to download the animation file

Step 3 - Paste the section (CTRL V) in your page

Step 4 - Save your page

Step 5 - Open and drop the animation file

Step 6 - Still in, select the page you just have created/updated (so the animation and your page are linked together)